This is a fun place on the site where we will feature cool songs and videos you can dance this mess around to. We will try to mix it up genre wise.


Since Bryan Ferry has kicked off his 2018 Summer tour, we thought we’d celebrate by Doing a little dance called The Strand, naturally, we won’t stop the dance either…

Do the Strand here.

and Don’t Stop the Dance but do catch Bryan Ferry live.

Bryan Ferry tour Dates: click here.

If you have a bit of time on your hands, catch Ferry playing himself in an 1980’s French TV show “Petit Déjeuner Compris”.

Then there’s the awkward interview with Yello’s Dieter Meirer. You want to stop the car, drag poor Bryan out and take him for a drink or something. It does get better when they get to an art gallery.

More recently, he’s done some great interviews regarding the reissue of the First Roxy Music album. You can check out here.

Be sure to catch this tour out. I’ve seen it in NYC and Berlin and he sounds great. The production has stepped up from past tours, and the set list somehow covers his entire career.