Pat Irwin



Pat Irwin is a composer, guitarist, musical director who of course is an avid vinyl collector. Pat was a member of “the B-52s” from 1989 – 2008. He was also a founding member of “The Raybeats” (formed in 1979 with George Scott, Don Christensen, and Jody Harris from “The Contortions”) and “8 Eyed Spy” (formed in 1979 with Lydia Lunch and Jim Sclavunos from “Teenage Jesus.”) The Raybeats recently released “The Lost Philip Glass Sessions” on Orange Mountain Music. The recordings were produced by the iconic composer Philip Glass and were recorded with Philip Glass and Kurt Munckasi and members of the Philip Glass Ensemble. Originally recorded in 1982 the tracks were never completed or released until 2013 on OMM.
He has published articles and reviews in The New York Times Book Review, The Village Voice, Downbeat, and Musician Player & Listener. He is currently teaching a seminar in film and television music at NYU’s Graduate School of Music Theater Writing at the Tisch School of the Arts.

Paul Boschi



Paul began writing for Fanzines in the 1980s, including the popular zine Jet Lag.  Since Fanzines were the “blogs’’ of the pre-internet era, it is fitting to come full circle and start this Blog. Before graduating University, he was hired as the music editor of the Kansas City Pitch – a weekly arts and entertainment magazine, and interviewed popular acts like Love & Rockets, Tin Machine and Duran Duran.  After moving to NYC in the early 1990’s to work in the A&R Department at Island Records, he continued writing for on-line publications such as Popbitch, and also DJing. Some of his favorite DJ gigs include playing for Pharrell’s party at SXSW and Bette Midler’s after party at MSG in NYC. Currently, his day job is an event producer. He runs his own Event Production Company, and produces events such as  Galas (Nile Rodgers’s We are Family Foundation), Artist Launch events (Katy Perry’s last two albums:  Prism and Witness, Lil Yachty’s NYC Pop Up Store to name a few), and corporate events. However, he often jokes that his career is really an excuse for him to travel around and find more great record stores. He also enjoys getting to work with exciting musicians and artists, such at Pat Irwin. Pat and Paul met while working on an event and quickly discovered similar taste and passion for music–particularly on the vinyl format. Hence this site was born. Paul lives in Frankfurt Germany, a town that boasts a thriving vinyl collecting community.