1978, Scott Walker broke his spell of retirement to reunite (briefly) the Walker Brothers, of course, a massive influence on David Bowie.
Ironically, what broke Walker’s silence as an artist was being so moved by the “Low” and “Heroes” albums Bowie and Eno had released.
You can hear the influence. Bowie repaid the homage with a tip of his hat on his album “Black Tie White Noise” produced with Nile Rodgers covering the song himself. As if the legacy of this tune can’t get any better—Bowie dusted it off on the “Outside” tour letting Reeves Gabrels and Gail Ann Dorsey loose on the live arrangement. Here’s the original version by Scott Walker and the Walker Brothers. It is one of my favorite songs.
Here is Bowie rehearsing both Andy Warhol and Nite Flights for the outside tour
He also performed it live on the Jay Leno show when the album Black Tie White Noise was released.
And a link to the audio of the original Scott Walker version.


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