I first met the guys in the Bunnymen in the late 1980s, interviewing them while on tour. I’ve stayed in touch with them over the years, and have always remained a fan.

Will Sergeant is one of my favorite guitarists, he’s written so many clever songs-from The Killing Moon, to The Cutter, to lesser known fan-favorites like Angels and Devils; he’s also released a lot of ambient/experimental work under various monikers.  Will is a passionate music fan and record collector, so I was thrilled to see he’s doing radio podcasts taking us through his record collection.

His latest Mixcloud features Eno, Modern Lovers and anecdotes about a wasp nest outside his front door….have a listen.

Echo and The Bunnymen have an imminent new release, The Stars, The Oceans and The Moon, featuring revised versions of classic tunes and a few new ones.  Available for pre-order on their site. 

They are out on tour soon promoting the new record, and you can find dates here. 


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