o.jpgHi there-

Anyone here in Frankfurt on Saturday 29th Sept? I will be hosting a Vinyl-walk hitting a few great shops in the Bornheim area, organized via the ex-pat site InterNations.

Should be a fun day, and if you’re already a member of InterNations, I better see there.

You can sign up via their site or email me via our blog if you are interested

Here’s the official post from Internations:

Dear music lovers,

Let’s do guided tour of some of Frankfurt’s leading vinyl stores by music fan Paul Boschi, who runs the blog Digthatcrate.blog and is an event producer from New York. Paul also will organize some nice give aways which you can win answering some trivia questions.

We will come up with a detailed schedule later, so you can jump on the bandwagon in the afternoon at any place you want. After the tour let’s have some drink/apero and chat about music, Mint and near Mint and “les choses de la vie”.
Linda, Paul and I would be glad to see you on that tour
Tentative stops of the tour will be
-Analogetonträger, specialized mainly in classics, Jazz, Rock but also some progressive.
– Lucky Star, rock/metal/punk but also some 60ies/70ies
– Tactile is the place if you want to dig into electronics like techno, minimal

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