Fans of the Philly sound, will know First Choice, but they never received the popular fame many feel they deserved.  Today is the birthday of Joyce Jones,  who left the group in 1977.  She replaced singer Wardell Piper in 1973.  The group performed on US TV shows such as “Dinah,” “Soul Train” and “American Bandstand.”  They had several Billboard top 100 singles but never cracked the top 10. The song “Armed and Extremely Dangerous” made it to the 11 slot on the R&B singles chart.


The band’s records have been sampled by artists like Todd Terry and The Jungle Brothers.  Mary J Blige covered their song “Let no Man Put Asunder” on her 1999 LP, “Mary.”

A fantastic group that went thru a series of singers, Ursula Herring (in the group 1975-77) and Annette Guest (the only consistent member) still perform under as First Choice.

Here’s a few songs for you to enjoy.


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