You might have noticed there’s a bit of favoritism towards David Bowie on this site, and I will be the first to admit it and no apologies either.

A few weeks ago I heard a song on Radio Eins Berlin that stopped me in my tracks.  It sounded a lot like Bowie, but what was this song????


I was pleased to discover it was Scott Matthew, who I had heard about but had not really investigated.

The latest album from this Australian musician is entitled, Ode to Others (Glitterhouse Records, 2018).  Says Matthew about this latest release:  “It’s the first album I’ve written that’s not concerning romantic love. Even though there’s a sense of romance to it, but it’s not connected to my personal romantic love at all. It’s about people and places that aren’t concerning my immediate romantic pain”.

You can check out more his music, tour dates and a bit about him on his website. 





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