Tonight in Berlin, Depeche Mode wrap up their Global Spirit tour, which supported their 14th studio release by the same name.  Judging by the fact the band played 130 shows in just over a year’s time, with box office numbers around 195.7 million USD it appears the band (long a three-piece nowadays) is as popular as ever.

I caught this tour twice, both times in Frankfurt, once at the massive stadium (Where they did Bowie’s” Heroes”) and again at the Festhalle which in my opinion was the better version of the show.


I’ve been a fan since I was a teen in  the 1980s. Two of my favorite pieces of DM vinyl are: German Pressing on Blue Vinyl of “Music for the Masses” and the “Love in Itself 2 Plus live tracks”


Although Love In Itself comes form the post-Vince Clarke era, the live Tracks are all Clarke era compositions, including the hit “Just Can’t get Enough.”   Bands used to have fun with vinyl, and one of the things they’d do was write messages etched on the inner grove of the record.  Most pressings of this say “Were you in the pub Jon?” clearly a dig at the live Front of House engineer Jon Botting who was on deck the night these live tracks were recorded.

Music for the Masses came out and took this band from theaters to stadiums, as well documented in their pre-realtity tv film “Depeche Mode 101.”   The growth in their songwriting ability on this album, and certainly Violator which followed is incredible.

I like the blue vinyl I always just thought it was cool to have this pressing. I look forward to hearing what comes next from these guys.




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