e174aec466ece727.jpgLast night in London, The Cure added a “surprise” show to close out the Robert Smith curated Meltdown Festival in London.

Featuring about two songs per album, the first set started out with “Three Imaginary Boys” and wrapped up with “It can never be the same” while the 2nd set kicked off with the new-ish “Step into the Light” which saw its live debut on the Cure US tour from a few years ago. The band ended up the 2nd set with the classic “Boys Don’t Cry.”

There’s great footage on You Tube already (it was going up as it happened on this show) including “Primary” and the rarely played “Like Cockatoos” a song that I’ve always thought was a bit of homage to one of Robert Smith’s favorite bands, The Cocteau Twins.

Although the forthcoming 40th Anniversary show in Hyde park on 7th July is billed as their only concert this year, the band did manage to wrangle their way around that claim and appear as “Curaetion25” at the South Bank Centre.  Since the Hyde park show is sold out, I don’t think anyone will mind.

Based on the somewhat obscure tunes they performed last night, I’m even more excited and looking forward to what surprises Robert, Simon, Reeves, Jason, & Roger have up their sleeves on 7th July.

Of course  other acts who performed on the Robert Smith’s Meltdown paid tribute to the Cure. Placebo during their Meltdown set covered “Let’s Go to Bed”. 

I look forward to reporting to you all the antics of the Hyde Park show first hand.


The set list (thanks to Setlist.com)

From There to Here
Three Imaginary Boys
At Night
Other Voices
A Strange Day
A Night Like This
Like Cockatoos
Pictures of You
Jupiter Crash
Us or Them
It’s Over
It Can Never Be the Same

From Here to There
Step Into the Light
The Hungry Ghost
The Last Day of Summer
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
Shake Dog Shake
One Hundred Years
A Forest
Boys Don’t Cry

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