Paul was digging for something in the storage closet and found these instead, and thought it would be fun to post some of the shows he’s attended and worked on over the years.  

What a treat that I have gotten to work with some of these bands.

I think the oldest credential in my collection is from the “Escape from NY” tour where I saw Debbie Harry, Ramones, Tom Tom Club. That was amazing.

I’m still a Duranie after all this time, so those shows are aways a treat. There’s embarrassing photos of me out there grinning like a kid meeting Le Bon and Rhodes.

The Bowie/NIN double head line tour was one of my favorite shows I’ve seen and that one is certainly a highlight. It was a creative high for both bands I think.

Working with the Stones at Juillard was an experience not to forget.  They sounded great, and it was just the core band, no back up or horn sections so that was something you don’t really get to see. The excitement on the lawn of Lincoln center that day was fantastic.


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