Since Pat was kind enough to share his thoughts on the first Chic LP, I thought I’d show off a few collectibles in my collection.

Both the “Dance Dance Dance” 7″ and the “Le Freak/Savior Faire” 12″ gold vinyl were great finds at the awesome Boxhanger Platz market in Berlin.

I have to admit, the “Dance Dance Dance” 7″ was purchased by accident. I had found this vendor at Boxhanger with a bunch of great reggae 7″‘s on Island and Scorpio records.  I got distracted and as I handed over my purchases to the vendor, I caught a glimpse of 7″ with a shiny metallic blue jacket that said “Disco” in a great super-1970s font.  I didn’t even look to see what it was, I just grabbed it and threw it into the stack.  That afternoon, as I looked through the purchases, I was elated to see it was CHIC .  I showed it to Nile Rodgers and he himself had never seen it. He kind of wanted to keep it, but not even he is going to get between me and a find of mine. Besides between preparing for his We Are Family Foundation Gala, playing Roger Daltrey’s Teenage Cancer Trust concert in London last week, and being named Chief Creative Advisor at Abbey Road Studios, I think he’s got enough to keep his mind busy.

Last summer, I was back at the market, and found the groovy 12″ of Le Freak, as a bonus on Gold clear vinyl. Check out the back cartoon on the 12″ ….



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