I’m not exactly sure why I bought this record except 1) I’m glad that I did and 2) it was there. I have an increasingly dim memory of being in either the 2nd or 3rd grade. We must have lived in Cleveland, OH and were about to move to St. Paul, MN. I was devastated about leaving my friends and I seem to remember my parents getting me a portable record player from Sears to help with the trauma. There must have been record shops but I don’t think I had ever been inside one and I remember buying records at either the drugstore or the hardware store.  I also remember getting something called the Weekly Reader at my elementary school. Am I getting this right? And connected with the Weekly reader was some kind of a book club and I remember buying a book on Graffiti and a book on Pop Art. Were these books published by a company called Scholastic American, or something like that? Anyway, I remember seeing the pictures of The Who and reading that they had changed their name from High Numbers. What kind of a band name was that? The Who with no question mark. I remember the pictures of the outfits they were wearing, particularly Keith Moon’s t-shirts with the target. The guitar player had a jacket made out of the Union Jack. The Beatles had already been on t.v. and changed me forever but I didn’t own any of their records. This band had it going on. The songs were weird and seemed to blend in to one another. I read in the book that the guitar player would smash up his guitars and I wrote the band a fan letter asking if he would send me a guitar instead of breaking it in to pieces. The drawing on the cover seemed endless. I think, at the time, my favorite songs were Boris The Spider and Happy Jack.

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