Of course, we’re getting excited for April 21st, this year’s record store day.  Although a lot of purists have put it down in the last few years, I think it’s still a good boost for local record stores, and an excuse to pick up some rare releases.  Ironically I (Paul here) will be flying from Frankfurt to NYC that day, to come into NYC to produce the  We are Family Foundation’s annual gala. Of course the demo version’s of the Nile Rodgers mega hit Let’s Dance, which he produced for Bowie is one of the treasures every Bowie fan is going to want this year.

This year there’s a lot of great stuff coming out from Abba, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Madonna, Joy Division and the Cure. Fans will be excited that Prince’s 1999 available on vinyl again.  There’s a list of Bowie re-issues which fans are already eagerly awaiting.


Personally, I’m excited about the reissue of David Sylvian’s “Dead Bees on a Cake


For a full list, click here.
Let us know what city you’re in an what you’re aiming to get.


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