David Bowie “Is” is at Brooklyn Museum right now, and if you are in NYC do not miss this. The exhibit runs from Mar. 2 to July 15.

I got to see this exhibit in Berlin, before David Bowie died, so it had a totally different weight and vibe.  For fans, obviously it is a real treat. But , I think even for the non-fan or casual fan it is a worthwhile exhibit to see.

This exhibit was organized and curated by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, opened in 2013 in London and has broke records at every stop along the way.

From stage costumes and outfits, some painstakingly re-created due to time not being kind to them; to ephemora such as lyric notes, keys to his Berlin apartment, there are over 400 objects giving the guest a glimpse into the world that was David Bowie.  Of course, there’s brilliant photography by Herb Ritts, Mick Rock, and Jimmy King, his stylist, confidant and photographer during the last years of Bowie’s life.

There are times where I have to admit, it felt a bit creepy and stalker-ish. Like you were digging through the drawers in someone’s bedroom.

Of particular interest were stage designs and sketches, props from various tours which were all displayed leading up to a massive video installation which featured some amazing live clips of the man doing his thing. The other thing I loved was the headphones are trigged to narratives and music depending on where you stand in the exhibit, so that is a really cool feature.

For us vinyl collectors, there are some exclusive vinyl releases available in conjunction with the Brooklyn showing.

The releases are:

‘TIME’ (U.S. single edit) 7” SILVER VINYL (David Bowie is Brooklyn Museum Exhibition Exclusive)

Side A

Time (U.S. single edit) (3.41)

Produced by David Bowie and Ken Scott

Arranged by David Bowie and Mick Ronson.

Mixed and engineered by Ken Scott.


Side B

The Prettiest Star (3.31)

Produced by David Bowie and Ken Scott

Arranged by David Bowie and Mick Ronson.

Mixed and engineered by Ken Scott.



LIVE IN BERLIN (1978) 8 TRACK ORANGE VINYL MINI-LP (David Bowie is Brooklyn Museum  Exhibition Exclusive)


Side 1.

1. “Heroes” (7.21)

2. Be My Wife (2.51)

3. Blackout (3.39)

4. Sense Of Doubt (3.18)


Side 2.

1. Breaking Glass (3.36)

2. Fame (4.05)

3. Alabama Song (4.08)

4. Rebel Rebel (3.37)


Produced by David Bowie

Recorded live at the Deutschlandhalle, Berlin on 16th May, 1978.

Cover photography by Antoine Loogman © 1978 Antoine Loogman



iSELECT RED VINYL LP (David Bowie is Exhibition Exclusive)


Side 1

1. Life On Mars?

2. Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (Reprise)

3. The Bewlay Brothers

4. Lady Grinning Soul

5. Win

6. Some Are


Side 2

1. Teenage Wildlife

2. Repetition

3. Fantastic voyage

4. Loving The Alien

5. Time Will Crawl (MM Remix)

6. Intro/Hang On To Yourself (from Live Santa Monica ’72)


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