Well, this trip turned up a nice surprise in that I got to attend, along with 100 or so of her biggest fans, the “sneak” preview playback of Tracey Thorn’s new record, called “Record” last night.  Fans came from all over the UK to attend this really laid back and fun event at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

Duckie is the longest running gay-night in London and was a perfect night to host this event.  Fans listened to the full album, then Tracey came out to do a brief Q+A, the obligatory autograph and selfie posing, and then jumped into the DJ booth, spinning everything from Roxy Music “Street Life” to Cher “Gypsies Tramps and Thieves.” After about an hour she jumped onto the Dancefloor to shake it up with her fans.

Thanks to Mark Wood–here’s a photo of her DJ selections:


The album is fantastic. It is of course electronica and quite housey, but as she said since the Pet Shop Boys still haven’t asked her to do a record, she went on without them. You can hear just hints of 80s synth pop sprinkled throughout the albums 9 tracks. Kicking off with the first Single “Queen” the album features mostly uptempo tracks, which reflect the singers desire to bring something joyful out and provide some uplifting vibes in times which can anything but that.  Fans already know that she’s a contributor to the New Statesman  and has been outspoken on a variety of social and political themes, and lighter topics, of interest to our readers here such as the love of vinyl.

Playback listening events can be a real snore and awkward if not done right, but this really felt like she’d just invited a few friends out to a club to have a drink, listen to some tunes and have some fun.

“Record” is available on 180gm vinyl and comes with a print, signed by Tracey. The album’s official release date is 2nd March and you’re definitely going to add this to your collection.


Ms Thorn answers questions from fans….

Rocking out in the DJ booth with The London Reader’s Wifes






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