….How many remixes of the New Order song  “Confusion” are out there.  I have to say, my favorite is the 2002 Larry T mix, featured on the 2nd Side of this 2002 Release.

The original was released in August 1983, an electro follow up to their massive hit, “Blue Monday,” which is still today one of the highest selling 12″ singles ever.

The band recorded this in NYC with Legendary DJ Arthur Baker.  I am surprised they would work in NYC after the disastrous recording experience they had there while tracking their first album, after Joy Division ended with Ian Curtis’s tragic suicide. There’s a funny story in Bernard Sumner’s Biography about the band coming to NYC to record, but the studio was in Jersey so they had to drive themselves in a large rental car each day. You can imagine the band fights about who had to drive.

Some of the other noteworthy versions appear on the band’s 1987 “Substance” compilation, and a 90’s re-mix on the Minimal Records label.


The video was quickly shot in NYC at the club Fun House and features the band showing up to debut the song at the club.

It’s a great piece of early electronica, and I’ve always favored this to Blue Monday to be honest.


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