Okay, so we’ve posted a bit about Husker Dü and Prince, both associated with various scenes in the Twin Cities from the early 1980s.

If you’re in Minneapolis you’re going to want to do some record shopping, and City Pages has a great guide for that. There’s of course loads of other stuff to do in the Twin Cities.

We’ll get to chatting about the Replacements at some point, but I wanted to post a bit about the punk trio from the Twin Cities, The Suicide Commandos. This band would influence the after mentioned Place-Mats, Soul Asylum and also Husker Dü.



They really only made one record, appropriately entitled “Make a Record.”  However, every song on that album is a classic, but my favorites are “Burn it Down”  (a song about the bands condemned home/rehearsal space) and “Match Mis/match” (definitely an influence on early Paul Westerberg/Replacements!).

The band are still active, doing the odd-gig here and there, and have a blog up on their website. They recently recorded their first studio album in over 30 years last year, and its also worth checking out.




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