With a title from the lyric on the Throwing Muses song featured on this compilation, the iconic Label 4AD put together a showcase of their current active roster in this 1987 release.

4AD of course, is the label that was home to esoteric acts such as The Birthday Party, Bauhaus, The Cocteau Twins, and later the Pixies, and The National.

The album kicks off with “Hot Doggie” by Colourbox.

Colourbox? Never heard of them? Oh, yes you have. In fact if you were of age in the late 80s you would have either danced to their hit under the the moniker M/A/R/R/S or were sick of to death of it!  This song is a great example of early electronica. We take sampling, mash ups and editing for granted today, but in the 1980’s it was the Wild West in terms of experimentation.

The album also features tracks such as “Crushed” by the Cocteau Twins and noteworthy tracks by Dead Can Dance and Wolfgang Press.

An extremely rare wooden box set was released, along with a video album.

Wonderful album and still stands the test of time.




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