It’s Friday, so that merits something to last through the weekend with plenty of upbeat weekend tunes. You are not going to go wrong with Prince and certainly this LP is one of my favorites.

Kicking off with the electro title track, Prince’s double LP features funk (“Hot Thing”), pop, worthy of the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper (“I could never take the Place of your Man” & “Star Fish and Coffee”) and the top 10 hit “You Got the Look”.

Apparently, the end product we have is the result of a few abandoned side projects Prince had been working on with Wendy and Lisa and other members of The Revolution. Released in 1987, this album was the backdrop for his first major tour since releasing “Purple Rain.” There’s a DVD of this tour, and I believe Showtime in the US re-played after his death a year or so ago.

This is a must-have in any collection.  I’d go out on a limb and say if you only have one Prince record (a ridiculous notion but…) then you’d want to have this one.
There’s a great interview with Revolution here talking about the making of this album, which would be the last time he worked with Revolution.




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