One of the most hilarious conversations we’ve had internally lately was about Steve Lacy, although Paul was taking about the Steve Lacy who created most of his demos on his iPhone, playing guitar/bass/vox live and recording them into the phone’s microphone.  Pat said “not only have I heard of him, I was friends with him when I lived in Paris…” Uh what now? This kid is from Brooklyn and is 19?

“Oh I’m talking about jazz saxophonist. ”   What? Who?
So we both had some homework to do that day….

The young Steve Lacy has a great modern R&B (slightly jazzy) sound and you can check him out on this recent video, Ryd/Dark Red.

For the Steve Lacy who passed away in 2004 at the age of 69, and who recorded and appeared on hundreds of albums, you can check out this clip, from a 1993 performance at the Sunset club.



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