We enjoyed this piece by guitarist Deke Dickerson featured on the site Please Kill Me about legendary Link Wray.   Specifically his continued snubbing by the RNRHOF.

Wray was a Native American Shawnee, and fought in the Korean War–losing a lung. Along with his band, The Raymen, Wray is credited with popularizing the “power chord” which is a staple of rock music from the Kinks and the Who to the punks Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys. He was one of the first guitarist to experiment with distortion effects, along with Ike Turner and The Delta Cats.

Not to take anything away from bands in the RNRHOF like the Clash, Blondie or Zeppelin, but it is unbelievable that someone who contributed so much to the very foundation of Rock and Roll has not been inducted.



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