Being an unabashed Grace Jones Fan, I am pleased to see she’s finally getting the credit she deserves as an artist. Director Sophie Fiennes has done an excellent job with her recent documentary  “Bloodlight and Bami .”  We follow Grace as she visits her family in Jamaica, and a glimpse into her upbringing.  There’s just enough of “Grace” moments to keep you entertained. This film is less about the antics and more about the artist which is great. We see Grace negotiating with reggae legend Robbie Shakespeare about studio times, and trying to re-direct a highly amusing French TV segment she had to film.

The film focuses on the period she was recording her “comeback” album “Hurricane,” which is right up there with her classic “Nightclubbing” in my book. Some of the performance highlights are the biographical “Williams Blood” and some of her classics like her version of Roxy Music’s “Love is the Drug” and of course “Pull up to the Bumper.”

Speaking of that classic album, if you haven’t picked up the Reissue that is a must-have.
Cut on high grade vinyl ,it also features some remixes and bonus tracks as a 2xLP set. This is one of the many cases where I think the re-issue is better than the original pressing. “Nightclubbing’ of course was produced by the late Alex Sadkin, and featured the reggae duo of Sly and Robbie, doing a haunting mix of dub and disco with Grace’s trademark vocal stylings over it all.  The 2nd Disc features the remix of “Feel up” which is a personal favorite here.



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