Thanks to my friend Ken from Brooklyn’s Eternal Black, I checked out this Rollins podcast of some of his favorite tracks by The Fall, in tribute to Mark E Smith who recently passed.  The Fall were one of my favorite bands so I was curious to see what tracks Rollins picked.  Not surprisingly, a few different things than I would have picked.

Two of my faves were always “Hot After Shave Bop” and “Dead Beat Descendent”

The rarest Fall record I own is the Kicker Conspiracy 7″ that I found at a record fair in the 80’s somewhere in Kansas City.

Their song  “Hip Priest” was chillingly used in the film Silence of the Lambs, and I think the closest they came to a hit single was “Hit the North” , but they left behind a library of post punk gems worth either revisiting if you’re a fan, or discovering if you’ve never heard them, and Mr Rollins’s playlist above would be a great start.







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