Red Hot Hottentots Vol 3 “Hot Jazz News”


I am amused by the fact I grew up in Kansas City, a town where you’re constantly explaining that there are two towns with identical names in (slightly) different geographical areas. Now, I live in Frankfurt where again, there’s two completely different Frankfurts in the same country.  That’s too confusing to get into and it has little to do with music. Wait. That’s not entirely true. Both Kansas City (Missouri) and Frankfurt (am Main) have deep jazz roots.  Frankfurt is really seen as the hotbed of Jazz music in Germany. I know. Who knew?

The Red Hot Hottentots are a prime example of this. Formed in 1963, they bear more the mark of a New Orleans jazz band. These guys are still doing gigs around Germany today. I picked this record up at one of my favorite stores here in Frankfurt, Analogetontraeger. This store, if you are in Frankfurt is a must visit. One of the best jazz selections I’ve seen in a long time.  Back to the Hottentots, these guys cook up some great swing era music, with renditions of Sweet Georgia Brown, Savoy Blues on this Mid-1970s release.  Its usually around $5.00 or so, and if you’re a fan of New Orleans Jazz, you should check these guys out.

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