If you’re like me, you’ve discovered music in some unlikely places.  I found out about this record in High School theology class at the Jesuit Prep School I attended. It’s my first post on this new site, because frankly I thought “Why not just start with the letter A” and this was the first thing that came to mind.

You may not have heard of Aphrodite’s Child, but you’ve definitely heard of one its members: Vangelis Papathanassiou. Yeah, the guy who did Blade Runner and Chariots of Fire got his start doing ambitious prog-rock. As you have likely guessed by the ominous title, the album sets to score the passages from the biblical book of Revelation.

It’s a double album (natch!) and  a truly 1970’s concept album. One of my favorite tracks is The Four Horsemen.

Shockingly, they had a difficult time getting this album released.  It’s certainly wasn’t as catchy as the Carpenters.

There’s a lot of great info on this record on this site.






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